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Carpet pricing calculator, services listing, gallery, and more.

Open beta for version 2.0's carpet calculator coming soon:
Version 2.0 is a major improvement from 1.0. Designed for home owners to professionals with a small file size, ad supported and paid versions. Enter all measurements and it will give you all the carpet cuts you need instantly. Default settings are optimized for saving money.

Some features include: A cut viewer for when cutting rolls, file sharing, Google Drive integration, voice input, Bluetooth input of measurements with Leica Disto D2 laser measuring device, material uniformity, setting of carpet width, pattern, cut, and seam safety, and more.

For the beta we will need testers! This is invite only so contact us using email or using our contact page if you'd like to join as a tester for the pro version of the app on Google Play Store.


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Large style stock dialer replacement

Warm SSH FTPS File Browser

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FTPS and SSH file browser for downloading or uploading files. Designed with NAS4Free in mind.

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