The products we use are products you can buy from us. We want you to have the benefit from these products all the time so that you can stay safe. There are far too many chemicals that are bad for us that we are all used to using. Time to get away from them and enjoy cleaning products that are safe to use and clean just as effectively if not more so.

Do you have mold? You can control mold too with just a simple spray.

  • We also offer lab tests of your environment if you would like to know how dirty and unsafe your environment is. We can do this before and after use of the products. Call for pricing

HydrOxi Pro® Force D

Product has been discontinued. No longer for sale.

HydrOxi Pro® Concentrated Cleaner

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HydrOxi Pro® Concentrated Cleaner reduced toxicity cleaning

Hydrogen peroxide and natural orange oil to oxidizes and breakdowns grease, grime and dirt while destroying odors.

  Uses two different water dilutions to satisfy all general cleaning needs. Use it to clean most surfaces such as windows, mirrors, walls, floors, bathrooms, shower rooms, tile, grout carpet and kitchens.
  Meets the Green SealTM GS-37 environmental standard for industrial and institutional cleaners based on its reduced human and environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic compound content.

HydrOxi Pro® Carpet Cleaning Polymer

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HydrOxi Pro® Carpet Cleaning Polymer
Crystallizing Polymer Technology
Eliminates re-soiling and helps reduce contamination associated with indoor pollution. Use as a traffic lane pre-spray, extraction cleaner, bonnet cleaner, spot & stain remover, de-browner and deodorizer. • One product for all your carpet
  cleaning needs
• Cost effective • Deodorizes while you clean • Low VOC’s • Anti-re-soiling & Color-safe • Neutral pH• Natural orange fragrance • Concentrated • No sticky residue build up

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